About us

About the Denver PUG.

Our Story

The Denver Petroleum User Group was founded in 2009. The first meeting was at The Curtis hotel in downtown Denver and had 36 attendees.

Our small group then went through huge growth in 2010 with the help of a new President (Heather Roesink) as attendance at quarterly meetings rose to over 100 people.

Since that time the Denver Petroleum User Group has been the most attended and leading user group in our focused part of the industry. We continue to grow and focus on desktop mappers in the oil and gas industry.

Core focus

Community Driven
Workflow focus
Geotech Audience

Who we are

A group for sharing GIS and Geoscience knowledge in the Denver Petroleum community.

Why us?

As the only independent Petroleum User Group, the Denver PUG exists to further the effective use of GIS and Geoscience technology within the Petroleum Industry.

What we do

Facilitating communication about GIS and Geoscience usage, problems, and future needs between oil companies, consultants, oil service companies, data providers, hardware suppliers and software suppliers.

Our Constitution

Grow the use of GIS and Geoscience in Petroleum by showing useful and relevant workflows.
Give something back to the younger Petroleum community through the use of scholarships, exposure and content.